Emergent Obtains Judgment in Commercial Lease Dispute, and Then Gets Hired by the Defendant

Recently, Emergent Legal successfully handled a commercial lease dispute for a Bay Area nonprofit organization.  One of the nonprofit's subtenants, a technology company based in Texas, had fallen a few months behind on its rent.  We pursued two courses simultaneously:  Moving quickly, we filed an unlawful detainer action and obtained a judgment for the full amount of rent outstanding, plus attorneys' fees and costs.  At the same time, we took up low-key negotiations with the subtenant about its potential defenses, which included a change in corporate form following an asset purchase agreement and the difficulty of finding assets to satisfy the judgment in California (or even Texas).  Three months after we were retained, the subtenant paid the full amount of the judgment voluntarily -- without a costly fight over successor liability or enforcement proceedings.

The kicker:  Just a few weeks later, the subtenant retained us to represent it in an unrelated matter.

We're grateful for this opportunity to serve our clients, and to make friends out of former opponents.  To find out whether Emergent can help you protect your business without unnecessary acrimony, contact us.