Emergent Wins Rare Preliminary Injunction Barring Enforcement of Contract

Since last year, Emergent Legal has represented the talented bachata duo Grupo 24 Horas in their efforts to break free from the company that had served as their exclusive manager, record label, and booking agent for the past two-and-a-half years.  Over three days this winter, Emergent's founding partner, Christopher Wimmer, presented live testimony and documents in New York state court demonstrating that the manager had failed to take reasonable steps to promote the group or record an album with them, and was exploiting his role as booking agent to keep excessive amounts of the group's live performance fees.

Today, the New York trial judge handed the group and Emergent a major victory, issuing a rare preliminary injunction barring the manager from enforcing its rights to be the group's exclusive representation -- effectively freeing them to pursue their career without interference from their erstwhile manager.  The judge's decision is here.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Mickey and Joell of Grupo 24 Horas, and look forward to the release of their next album.  To find out how Emergent can help you, contact us.